5 Plus Sole Proprietorship Characteristics

Sole Proprietorship

What is sole proprietorship

The simple and easy formation of business is the sole proprietorship. In this form of business, the owner is only one person, playing as one man show. It can be started over the night, at any moment without any legal procedure. However in some cases, you may need authority for a specific kind of business, Like medical Store, Dental Surgery, Chemical formation etc.
Sole trader ship is the oldest and first kind of business in history, with the passage of time there is a change
Definition: “sole proprietor is a type of business, where one person starts, run and owned business by investing whole and taking the responsibility for all risk and loss for the purpose of 100% profit.

Characteristics of Sole Proprietorship

Formation and Dissolution are easy in this kind of business, because of no legal restriction. Almost any kind of business can be started by capital investment. A person starts with idea and goal and starts the business anywhere. However, local authorities rules and regulation’s approval may be required. For example for Medical Store license required, Name of business cannot be used, who is already registered. Areas of operation for trading,
and manufacturing. Same like formation, a business can be closed at any time. There are also no legal steps required.
Ownership only has one person, if required second, then it will convert into partnership. a single person is occupied each and everything
of the business, Only he has the right over business assets. He can sell part of it or all at any time, without the consent of others.

Financing: Capital is the first step of business creation, without it the business cannot establish. however, in case of shortage of funds or things, a person can borrow money, assets, Goods. Capital does not mean only cash but may be raw material, finished goods or assets.

Separate Legal Entity: as in the case of partnership or companies, sole traders has no separate legal entity, the person himself know as a business.
In other form of business, an entity is established by fulfilling the requirement of governing authorities, so they have a separate legal entity.
Risk and liabilities. In this type of business, owner face the whole liabilities, means have unlimited liability. Liability may be increase over the whole business value, and he have to pay the all debts. Same time danger of all kind of risk also at the shoulder of the owner.
Profit and Loss is part of the business. At any stage ratio of Profit or loss may be beyond the expectation, then the only the owner of the business will meet it. Here owner’s interest of work is greater than in other types, because he know that by working hard more profit will be in his account as he have 100% share of it.
Size of business usually are a small unit, any how it may be up to average level (rare cases). for leading in specific industry they should move to other type of business. That is why the life of the that business is limited. Because of limited sources of an owner, in decision making, managing matters and operation of
Business secrets are vital for the growth of the business. Here due to one man show, there is no danger of leakage. Owners itself care about it.

Advantages of  Sole Proprietorship

  1. Easy to form
  2. Cost cutting
  3. No legal requirement
  4. Security of Secrets
  5. full share of profit
  6. own Boss
  7. Borrowing at own behalf
  8. personality advantage
  9. Devotion and Hardworking
  10. Motivation
  11. Easy to operate
  12. Easy to take the decision
  13. Safety of Ideas
  14. Better utilization of own skills
  15. Rare chances of Fraud

Disadvantages of  Sole Proprietorship

  1. Lack of finance
  2. Lack of Mind
  3. UN-limited Liability
  4. Debt raising issue
  5. Limited skills
  6. Legal Issues for expanding
  7. A limited area of operation (Within state, Province, Country)
  8. Health of owners effect badly on the business

In Sole Proprietorship, Qualities of a Good businessman can be judge better. Results shows how much efficiently one can perform for the growth of Business.

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