6 Important Qualities to Look for in a SAP Partner

When you’re out to procure something as important as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your company, your eyes should be on more than just the product itself. Much of your experience with an ERP will be shaped by the service of your software vendor, who also acts as the implementation partner for the software. A competent vendor often spells the difference between a pleasant, productive ERP onboarding experience and a permanent money drain on your business funds.

If you’re interested in purchasing an SAP-branded product, what kind of SAP implementation partner should you be looking for? To help you narrow down your search, here’s a list of six important qualities of a SAP partner Philippines companies would want to work with.

A Good Reputation in the Local Tech Industry

First, you’ll want to partner with an SAP vendor who is respected in their field and is known for their expertise in setting up SAP ERP solutions for Filipino businesses. Do take a look at the SAP vendor’s website or marketing collaterals for evidence of awards, professional affiliations, certifications, and other industry achievements. Take special note of the track record they’ve built with other clients, especially those who hail from a similar business to yours.

ERP software like SAP Business One are modular in nature, which means that you can add or subtract functionalities as needed.

Knowledgeability with Flagship SAP Products

The next quality you’ll want to look for in an SAP partner is the knowledgeability of the SAP SE ecosystem. They should be familiar with the ins and outs of SAP’s flagship products, like the popular and adaptable SAP Business One. Don’t hesitate to ask them about their expertise in the SAP market, their portfolio of SAP products, and which SAP solution they think will suit your company best.

Familiarity with Your Home Industry

The ideal SAP partner should also understand the context in which they’ll be implementing their software solution. Will the SAP product be used for a supermarket, a quick-service restaurant, a hotel or resort business, or for a corporate office? Consider it a green flag if your vendor’s experience includes working with another company that’s within your industry. That means that they’ll likely have a great idea of which modules will suit your business best and how you can maximize SAP’s applications in your line of work.

Flexibility in Implementing SAP Solutions

If there’s anything you should be wary of in your search for the perfect SAP partner, it’s the vendors who seem to have cookie-cutter approaches for every client. Avoid vendors who’ll propose the same blanket implementation strategy for all the businesses they work with, regardless of whether they’re the same size or whether they operate within the same industries.

Instead, choose a vendor that’s perceptive of your business requirements and can implement their SAP product in a flexible manner. ERP solutions like SAP Business One are modular in nature, which means that you can add or subtract functionalities as needed. Have your vendor start you off with a basic set of modules for the sake of simplicity and cost efficiency, and you can then ask them to help you scale up and down depending on your requirements.

Full Transparency About Their Methods

No client likes to be surprised with hidden charges or unexpected fees for their SAP product installation, but there are a number of ERP software vendors whose services involve these. Only engage with an SAP partner who is transparent about the product’s full cost of ownership, how often they’ll have to do maintenance, and when you can expect to pay for necessary system upgrades. Don’t settle for an SAP vendor who can’t promise you full honesty, clarity in their communication processes, or willingness to set expectations with you on their implementation methods.

Authentic Desire to See Your Business Succeed

Lastly, the best SAP partner is keenly aware that their success relies on yours. They’ll know that a successful SAP implementation results in mutual benefits. If your business operations improve because of their SAP solution, they earn the respect of their peers in the local tech sector and the attention of other clients. Pay attention to how your would-be SAP partner interacts with you, and see if they make a conscious effort to ask questions about your business and to align their SAP implementation strategy with your business goals. These are good signs that they’ll be able to transform your company for the better with a new SAP solution.

Final Words

ERP solutions like SAP Business One demand significant investments from client companies. Despite SAP’s sterling reputation in the tech world for its business-technology products, a client in the Philippines will only be able to discover the full benefits with the help of a good implementation partner.

Remember to discern carefully when it comes to choosing a software vendor for SAP products. The success of your business partnership with them will set the stage for further business growth with SAP.