AEB Logistics

AEB Logistics is a software application that supports the processes of trading, service, and industrial companies in foreign trade and logistics. It handles and submits documents, brokers customs on your behalf, and alerts you to changes in shipment status. Its software is based on an integrated, global platform that is synchronized across time zones.

AEB’s software supports the processes of industrial, service, and trading companies in logistics and foreign trade

AEB GmbH offers software solutions to support the processes of industrial, service, and trading companies involved in foreign trade and logistics. AEB’s portfolio includes products for managing transport processes, customs clearance, screening of sanctions lists, and export control. Its solutions help companies streamline supply chain processes and increase flexibility.

The software helps companies manage import and export processes efficiently and accurately. It can be integrated with B2B networks and trading content services, and it can also support the direct filing of customs documents. The system helps customers meet the requirements of the UK Revenue and Customs.

The Descartes Rate Builder helps carriers and NVOCCs manage global rates. The software enables companies to create and manage rates digitally and stores them in a central database. It also helps companies enforce a global pricing policy and implement an effective global rate request process.

It can handle and submit your documentation

AEB Logistics provides a full suite of solutions for handling your documentation, including a centralized IT system and intelligent automation. These solutions are designed to make the entire process easier, cut lead times, and improve on-time performance. Whether you need to import or export goods, AEB will provide comprehensive documentation and assistance.

With more than five thousand clients across 80 countries, AEB’s global trade software platform enables businesses to streamline their customs and foreign trade processes. It offers customs clearance, sanctions list screening, export controls, and more. Its portfolio includes cloud-based customs solutions and custom-fit logistics platforms. These solutions automate supply chain processes and increase flexibility.

It can broker customs on your behalf

In the past, companies that ship internationally needed to rely on customs brokers to complete many tasks manually. Today, 63% of companies communicate with brokers through email or phone. This manual process is costly and subject to errors. The most efficient way to handle customs compliance is to use software developed by AEB Logistics.

The software provides an end-to-end management system for customs processes. This enables seamless integration of customs brokers and streamlines data exchange. This system also helps businesses take advantage of international free-trade agreements. It also automatically sends data to local customs authorities and responds with the customs status of the shipment.

While customs brokers are not required by law, many companies prefer to work with them to ensure proper clearance and avoid costly delays. These brokers understand the latest rules and regulations and can help you avoid costly mistakes. Customs brokers are also well versed in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, which outlines the duties and taxes applied to goods when they enter a country.

It can alert you to changes in shipment status

AEB Logistics provides an easy-to-use online portal that will allow you to monitor shipment statuses. Whether you are shipping to a single customer or thousands, you’ll be able to keep track of your shipments with real-time alerts. AEB has over 350 staff members that are experienced in customs, logistics, and international trade. Customers in over 50 countries can use AEB to send and receive their shipments worldwide.

AEB Monitoring & Alerting provides a comprehensive overview of a shipment’s current status and expected runtime. You’ll get a clear roadmap of key milestones, such as the availability of goods at the supplier’s loading dock and delivery to the transport service provider. These steps are automatically monitored, based on tracking data. If delays occur, the system automatically recalculates the steps and adjusts the expected arrival time.

It can handle direct shipments to hospitals in Germany and Switzerland

AEB Logistics provides healthcare clients with a comprehensive logistics solution to fulfill their specific needs. The company’s specialized software helps healthcare companies ensure reliable on-time delivery of their products. It also offers mobile loading control, which improves process reliability and external tracking of shipments.

The AEB logistics suite controls the operational shipping and export processes. It also maps stations as events, so that the transport company can follow the status of a consignment at all times. It also includes a mobile loading control feature, which helps employees verify whether all packages have been loaded and are ready for transport. Additionally, AEB’s monitoring and alerting capabilities enable healthcare providers to optimize the supply chain processes and minimize shipping costs.