For aluminum marking and traceability, laser engraving machines and structures can generate an extensive variety of grays on the floor of aluminum elements.


  • Etching aluminum
  • Marking serial numbers on aluminum billets
  • Engraving QR or facts matrix codes on sows, ingots, or die-solid elements
  • Etching trademarks on aluminum sheets or pieces
  • Marking anodized aluminum with the aid of using selectively putting off its coating





Laser etching permits the green and excessive-velocity marking of identifiers on aluminum surfaces. This is genuine even in harsh business environments wherein the fabric temperature is above 500 ranges Celsius.



Laser marking of aluminum generates excessive-evaluation marks thru an optimized technique. Black marks on white backgrounds are smooth to test with popular barcode readers.


Laser marking of aluminum surfaces also can face up to excessive-temperature annealing and e-coating. Laser engraved marks may even withstand floor remedies like shot blasting.



Thanks to fiber laser technology, laser etching machines are consumable-loose and really low maintenance.



Aluminum is one of the maximum not unusual place substances in cutting-edge manufacturing. You can use business marking structures to engrave specific identifiers at once on aluminum pieces.


Laser etching of aluminum is a green, excessive-velocity technique for the duration of which laser radiation modifies the micro surface of the metal. Regardless of your utility requirements, there’s a laser marking technique that suits your needs.


Our merchandise generates one of kind grey levels (from white to black). Blackened and deep white surfaces don’t scatter mild the identical way.


The whitening has created the use of a floor texturing of a small amplitude, which leads to diffuse reflection.


The blackening is created with the aid of using a floor texturing of more amplitude. This will increase the absorption of the mild that hits the fabric.



Laser marking anodized aluminum is a selective technique called laser etching. The laser beam most effectively eliminates the anodized layer from the aluminum piece, ensuing in brilliant marks.


The color of the mark is notably contrasted between the anodized aluminum and the laser-triggered mark. To laser mark aluminum, you need to use a fiber laser gadget.

Laser marking aluminum also can be used to alter the floor end of a whole part. For example, you can put off extrusion traces which are nevertheless obvious after the anodization technique.


Laser Marking Hard Anodized Aluminum:

anodized-aluminum-laser-marking-resized-600A coating of tough anodize might be usually thicker than kind II anodize. The anodize will penetrate the substrate a lot because it builds up the floor. The end result is a durable, ceramic-like floor. Laser marking tough anodized elements may be difficult and difficult. We like to apply our 50-watt lasers for tough anodize marking even though with extra laser passes and slower marking speeds, it may be completed with a 20-watt laser.


We will normally boom our fill density with inside the marking items to .001 inches after which make more than one passes at a rather excessive velocity, say 25 inches in line with 2nd or so, the use of rather an excessive laser power, say forty watts or so. With tough anodize we nevertheless use the harm and cleanup by skip method however the cleanup by skip not often offers the identical vibrant white very last look this is carried out while marking Type II anodized surfaces.


Laser marking aluminum with a fiber laser offers you masses of possibility to make specific and exciting everlasting marks however it additionally calls for knowledge of the marking gadget and the fabric. With 30+ years of aluminum laser marking experience, Jiminy lets you create the appearance and sense you want to make your aluminum elements as appealing as they may be.