The Beagle Breeds, Behavior and Appearance

The Beagle Breeds, Behavior and Appearance

Beagles are pinnacled heady fragrance puppies together with Bloodhound. Beagles in preferred resemble English Foxhounds in look however in a smaller form. They are sturdier and compact searching exceptional from Foxhound. The nostril is black in colour; ears are down, turning barely in the direction of the cheek. The tail is curled up barely. The coat is clean and difficult, normally tricolour. When doggy Beagle is born, they handiest have 2 colours, white and black however once they develop mature, Gradually, the black marking will fade and the brown marking will appear.

Height: Dogs 14-sixteen inches Bitches 13-15 inches.

Weight: Dogs 22-25 pounds. Bitches 20-23 pounds

Life span:

About 12-15 years

Litter Size:

2 – 14 puppies – Average 7

Native Country:

Great Britain

Breed Appearance:

The preferred look of the Beagle resembles a Foxhound in miniature, however, the head is broader and the muzzle shorter, the expression absolutely exceptional and the legs shorter in percentage to the body.


A Beagle, as he sees it, is a lively, energetic, and determined canine who is merry and courageous. He is intelligent, quick, and even-tempered. He is likewise courageous, hardy, and really fast, with a difficult-hitting voice and an eager nostril. He can paintings alone, in pairs, or in packs. This small, flexible per cent hound hunts hare, rabbit, fox, deer, and wild boar. Affectionate and right-natured, he’s an exceptional own circle of relatives pets.


Beagles are intelligent breeds, however with thoughts of their own. They are bred with tenacity and unmarried minded to music down the prey, as a consequence is probably difficult to train. They are pleasant around people, on occasion is probably aloof with strangers however without difficulty received over. Beagle has loud and effective voice used at some point of searching after music down the prey. The feature of bark and howl whilst going through the unfamiliar makes them rather the right watchdog. Excellent with kids and different canine breeds. Beagles have sturdy per cent instinct; properly socializing inside your own circle of relatives with sufficient companionship is essential.


The Beagle’s clean brief haired coat is simple to appearance after. Brush with a company bristle brush, and shower with moderate cleaning soap handiest whilst necessary. Dry shampoo occasionally.  Be positive to test the ears cautiously for symptoms and symptoms of contamination and hold the nails trimmed. This breed is a median shedder.


Some strains may be at risk of epilepsy, coronary heart disease, eye and again problems. Also at risk of achondroplasia.

Living Conditions:

Beagles will do properly in a condo in the event that they get masses of possibilities to be outdoors. They are a very lively interior and a small backyard might be sufficient.