Best Areas to Rent Villas and Apartments in Al Barari

Al Barari is a calm area in the heart of Dubai. However, the whole vicinity is covered by green landscaping and a huge garden. Al Barari is one of the most sustainable and recognized developments in the UAE.

You can rent a property in Al Barari, not just for the regular properties; sell and purchase. However, if you consider Al Barari as a residential community, go through this article to get more information about apartments and villas for rent in Al Barari.

Renting in Al-Barari

Al Barari community is a luxurious living; a luxury residency with uncountable recreational facilities activities. You can get everything in one place, landscaped gardens, natural lakes, and streams.

The Al Barari community is a complete package. Residents get everything in one place. The whole vibe of Al Barari is extraordinary; you can get various conveniences in one community. The heart and soul, body language club, and spa are some of the most famous attractions of the Al Barari community. Moreover, The Farm is a popular eatery in Al Barari.

Another significant benefit of living in Al Barari is the prime location. It is near to the famous landmarks of Dubai. IMG, Miracle Garden, Global village are near to this community. Moreover, Downtown Dubai and all other related entertainment venues are on a short drive.

The community is extremely close to the central city, so there is no need to worry about commuting to work. Al Barari community is also close to nurseries, schools, and universities. This community can be considered ideal for families.

The renting system of the Al Barari community is quite simple. The elegant, opulent villas and apartments on rent are spread across the district. However, if you are highly interested in renting a property in Al Barari, keep on reading!


According to our survey and analysis, Bromelia is the most active and popular sub-community in the neighbourhood. That is not all; the Nest and Dahlia are also very popular in the vicinity.



Just like the name, Bromelia is a fancy sub-community. But, it is listed on the top as one of the best areas for renting in Al-Barari.

The villas in Bromellia are different, and they offer uncountable facilities, including supermarkets, schools, and nurseries. Not to mention, Bromelia also features 24-hour safety and security and provides sufficient parking space.

The luxury and space area in the rental villas of Bromelia is indeed commendable. The estates of this sub-community feature kitchen, basement, dining area, rooms, and a maid room. All of the bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms.


The Nest is another good option when it comes to renting options in Al Barari. One can get an exquisite home experience and a comfortable lifestyle living in The Nest. That’s not all; the sub-community also provides numerous facilities to the tenants.

There are a lot of restaurants, fitness centers and other entertainment houses in the same area. The residents can also access the nearby beaches, including the famous JBR Beach, Kite, and Marina. All the mentioned beaches are near or half an hour away from the community.

Each villa of the best comes with a private landscaped garden, a pool, and a barbeque area. Most importantly, sufficient parking space for two cars.


Dahlia is another green community in the neighborhood. It is a secured community that features uncountable amenities. Dahlia also offers spas and salons, educational facilities, marts, and access to public transportation.

Moreover, each villa of Dahlia features a parking spot which is a convenient feature for residents. Dahlia is designed luxuriously; the community offers a collection of villas to the tenants. In addition to this, the landscapes of Dahlia are lush green, and the pool area is quite huge.

Rental apartments in Al Barari:

Apartments in Al Barari are a real deal. Not just the villas, the apartments of this community are also on point. You can select several flats on rent in the most popular; Seventh Heaven and Ashjar.

Not to mention, as the name suggests, Seventh Heaven is indeed a suitable apartment for rentals as well.


The mountainous regions of UAE indeed inspire iconic apartments of Seventh Heaven. The style of the building depicts the layers of rocky mountains surrounded by lush green landscapes.

Not to mention, there is a waterway right in front of the complex of the apartment. The tenants can choose from a variety of rental flats. You can also get to choose between luxurious penthouses and duplexes in the building.


A low-rise building complex, Ashjar has three distinct designs, respectively. Extrovert, Introvert, and the Cub. There are a variety of floors and strategic planning in Ashjar.

Al Barari is a diversified neighbourhood with multiple preferences. One can rent 1-2-3 bedroom apartments in Ashjar. No matter whether you are a big or small family, Ashjar entertains everyone.


There are a lot of questions regarding AL Barari, sub-communities, and the neighbourhood. Let’s go through the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

What is the meaning of Al Barari?

The Wilderness is the literal meaning of “Al Barari. Well, this project is a well-thought project that is designed in such a way that the convenience of the residents is the priority.

Are there properties for sale in Al Barari?

Well, yes! Al Barari community offers properties for sales and rent as well. The properties on sale generate good returns. However, if you are interested in investing in the community, check out the information mentioned above.

Renting in Al Barari a good option?

Yes, the apartments and villas in Al Barari offer a lot to the residents. Moreover, the investors like to invest in such properties, as this project is constructed in a prime location.