The Many Benefits of Using Pallets and Shipping Containers When Shipping

Any business in the supply chain industry knows the importance of pallets and shipping containers when it comes to moving products from one place to another. There are many types and sizes of pallets and shipping containers available, and this makes it easy to choose a specific one that’s sure to serve you perfectly. Why are pallets and shipping containers the right choice to make? Due to the benefits they offer, which are listed below.

They’re Widely Applicable

To begin with, shipping containers and pallets can be used over a wide range of applications. From transporting fragile and heavy items to moving bulky items that may be heavy or lightweight, there’s very little that can’t be moved using shipping containers and pallets. They transport both raw materials and finished goods and even dangerous goods, like chemicals and hydrocarbons. Thanks to their sizes and shape, they also offer optimized stacking capacity.

They Offer Protection

Shipping containers and pallets also protect the goods that they transport. This is because they cushion the goods that they’re moving, and those used to transport sensitive, expensive goods also have padding. That way, the items that they’re moving are safe from dirt and water.

Based on this, businesses that use them may enjoy a lower occurrence of returned goods. Note that standard shipping containers are available in two sizes, which are 20-foot and 40-foot containers, according to Container Home Hub. This means that it’s possible to choose the right container size based on your specific needs.

They’re Cost Effective

Wooden pallets are quite readily available and therefore very affordable. These are the most readily available and affordable when compared to those made from other materials. Note that throughout the world, almost $400 billion worth of American trade is exported every single year on wood pallets and containers. This shows that they’re the most affordable transportation option, all things considered.

They’re Generally Recyclable and Reusable

With more industries aware of the effects that their actions have on the environment. A good number of them are turning to more sustainable practices. One of these is using pallets and shipping containers, as these can be used for years and get recycled or reused when they reach the end of their lives.

They can also be used to move a wide variety of goods, making them valuable for all businesses, whether they deal with a single type of item or a number of different products. For instance, countries that export clothing can benefit immensely from using the right pallets and containers. On this note, the top five countries that export T-shirts include China, Bangladesh, Germany, Vietnam, and Turkey, according to CredenceResearch. You can be sure that these countries all understand the revolutionary effect that pallets and shipping containers have in the industry of moving products across the world.

They Improve the Ease of Transportation

Last but not least, pallets and shipping containers make it quite fast and easy to transport products. This is because once the products have been packed, the pallets or containers can simply be stacked on each other, which makes the best use of space in the ship, train, or truck, whatever vehicle is used for transportation. Thanks to their compact nature, they also make it easy to weigh common goods. This can clearly help make things move faster and more efficiently for everyone in the industry.

These are just some of the many benefits that you can enjoy when you use pallets and shipping containers to move products around the world. They’ve made it possible for many producers, suppliers, and manufacturers to do business in a safe, timely manner. That said, you can expect to keep seeing them in use for a long time to come.