Basic Counseling Skills with History Definition, Method Types



Counselling is to help people to help themselves. Counselling is the process where counsellor supports to Client to diagnose the main issue and enabling the client to find the right way as per one’s strength by overcoming weak points. In this process, a counsellor does not give any final statement to overcome the issue, neither in the shape of Advice or recommendation.

Counseling Definition: As per American Association of Counseling Professional counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

Key features of the Counseling Process are:

The counsellor should be a good actor and observer. Get the sympathy and confidence of the client and give ways to the client to explore the causes of depression. The success of the counselling depends on how much the counsellor gets the confidence of the client and how many levels of relationship building with him.

Counseling Definition

Why Counseling needs  to be

  1. Are you perfect in your life in every aspect?
  2. No one is perfect in one’s life.

When one did not get the desired goal or cannot handle a particular situation, then one got mad or depressed. It may affect health or mental disturbance, which causes effects on another smooth and successful working of life project.

In any stage of life, one may need counselling for resolving those issues, which are disturbing the whole life.

Symptoms, when you feel that you need counselling, are as mentioned below.

  • Distress or uneasiness of mind
  • Depression
  • Bad Attitude / Negative behaviour
  • Effects on relations
  • Demotivation
  • Shame and embarrassment
  • Losing hope

The  old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved”

For example when one did not get a proper job or business as per one’s portfolio then it may disturb the happy marital life, may affect on IQ level, Learning skills, confidence level or anything else.

History of Counseling

The history of Counseling is very old. It starts with the evolution of mankind. In the old era, there was an informal institute in the shape of getting to gather at Public or private places. It may be regular or irregular. Here they share their personal or social issues.  When one shared his problem/issues, not only one get a solution but also it helps others to resolve their own issue. And those who have not such kind of issue can take the precautionary step from avoiding such type of situation. It is mandatory in every business for dealing with all 4 types of conflicts

With the modernization of the world now there is change, People living around are going at distance and people living abroad or at distance are closer. For Example, people at tour/travelling getting pictures at different places with different style and sharing it at social media, Instead of enjoying the trip or tour with colleagues. Now there is proper Degrees, Certificate, and Institute for counseling.

Is counselling like Psychotherapy?

Counselling relates to the current situation and how to overcome it ASAP. It is a short period process to highlight the problem and how to resolve it. In simple means to find the key, Start a vehicle and go ahead toward the destination. On the other hand, Psychotherapy is a long-term process. Here the focus is on why client behaviour is like that. For that purpose client history is observed in detail and then taking the measurement for changing the behaviour.


Where we need Counseling.

As discussed Earlier counseling may be needed at any stage in any situation. It’s an important part of Entrepreneurship. In Any type of businesses organization need to get the service of counseling for the motivation of employees.

Career Counseling. In the beginning, which field will be best for me as per my skill and market strength? It may need in Handling and maintain career growth.  Talented Seniors are always creating an atmosphere so they can motivate their juniors for overcoming their issue and getting more skills and knowledge.

Relation or Family counselling: Before going to marry one, There me situation that you cannot decide where to marry, Or facing issue after marriage. It may be needed when you could not handle the family’s matters. It may necessary for children bringing up. It may become tough to maintain relationships with your best friend and you need to handle the situation.