What Every Girl Should Know About Diamonds

Diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend if a girl knows what she’s looking for. The wide choice of diamond jewelry available today is often difficult to choose from. Your choice of jewelry will depend on several factors.

These factors include price, rarity, and much more. Even the sizes and shapes of diamonds can determine whether you should opt for them. Diamond rings are a popular piece of jewelry in cultures across the world.

Diamond studs and pendants are popular too. If you want to buy these pieces, it makes sense to do some research first. There are a few factors you should bear in mind if you want to have a satisfactory buy.

We’ll discuss these factors in detail below. Here are a few things every girl should know about diamonds if she’d like to buy some.

Diamonds Have Different Cuts

Most people often assume that round diamonds are the only ones worth buying. But, this isn’t true as there are now various diamond cuts available. The cut and quality of the cut determine how much you should be paying for a piece of diamond jewelry.

Diamonds are available in oval, round, square, and many other shapes. These days, heart and pear-shaped diamonds are popular too. Different pieces of diamond jewelry feature diamonds of different cuts.

Diamond studs usually feature round brilliant cut diamonds. Pendants and necklaces often contain pear or oval-shaped diamonds. Diamond rings, on the other hand, feature nearly all kinds of diamond shapes and cuts.

Often, diamond rings that don’t come in round shapes appear larger. These diamonds have non-rounded shapes and diagonal lengths. These diagonal lengths make them appear elongated. This in turn makes them look bigger.

So, if you’re working with a tight budget, you may want to consider buying a diamond that’s not round. The cut of the diamond is important too as it determines how bright your diamond will shine.

Better quality cuts reflect light better and make your diamond appear sparkly. The better the cut quality, the pricier your diamond is likely to be.

There Are Different Carat Weights

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a solitaire jewel or a simpler cut, diamonds come in different weights. You should choose your carat weight based on your budget and the size of the ring you want to buy.

Half-carat diamonds are among the most popular carat choices for engagement rings. These rings usually cost upwards of $1,000. So, they’re often ideal for couples on a budget.

But, 1.0-carat diamonds are popular too. It’s better to opt for a heavier weight than a half-carat diamond if you want the best value for your investment. Also, you should consider the size of your ring finger when you choose your carat weight.

A Carat weight of 1.0 or less is ideal for ring sizes less than 6.5. For ring sizes greater than 6.5, you should opt for a carat weight of around 1.5-2.0. In doing so, you would ensure that the ring looks large enough on your finger.

A useful tip to remember here is that there are ‘magic sizes’ for diamond carat weights. These sizes are cheaper than standard sizes but don’t appear very different from the latter.

For instance, there is no real difference between a 0.99-carat diamond and a 1.0-carat diamond. But, opting for a 0.99-carat diamond is a lot cheaper. You can do the same with half-carat diamonds by opting for a weight slightly less than 0.5 carats.

There Are Different Color Grades

To have a diamond that appears the shiniest, most people opt for diamonds that appear white. People assume that to get a white-looking diamond they should buy colourless diamonds. But, this isn’t the case.

Colorless diamonds are among the most expensive kinds of diamonds. So, it makes sense that you look for alternatives if you’re on a budget. Diamond colour grades range from D to Z.

The costliest diamonds are D to F diamonds that are essentially colourless. Diamonds in the S to Z colour range are light yellow. These diamonds are generally cheaper than all other kinds of diamonds.

Some diamonds on this scale aren’t colourless but appear colourless to the naked eye. These are diamonds in the G to J colour range. These diamonds cost far less than D or E diamonds.

So, buying a colorless-looking diamond in this case can save money on your engagement ring. But, remember that different diamond shapes reflect colors at different strengths.

There Are Diamonds for Every Budget

Diamonds are generally classified according to the 4Cs: cut, clarity, carat, and colour. These factors determine the price you’ll pay for the diamond jewelry of your choice. An important tip to remember about your budget is to save money on the ring, not on the diamond.

This is because rings go in and out of fashion but diamonds never do. Classic cuts like round and oval-shaped diamonds have been around for centuries. So, it makes sense to opt for these if you want to pass them on as heirlooms.

As for the 4Cs, you can seek expert advice if you don’t want to conduct some research by yourself. But, if you don’t want to, there are easier options available.

For instance, you can opt for lab-created diamonds in great shapes and sizes if you want to save money. These diamonds cost a lot less than mined diamonds but aren’t all that different from them. Only an expert can tell the difference between a mined and a lab-created diamond.

So, you can opt for these if you want colorless diamonds on a budget. Lab-grown diamonds have various are available in various jewelry types. These jewelry pieces include diamond studs and tennis bracelets.

Engagement rings with lab-created diamonds are available online too. Opting for these will help you own a real diamond without breaking the bank for it.


These tips are sure to help you pick out the diamond jewelry pieces of your dreams. Remember that you can buy diamonds despite being on a tight budget if you play your cards right. After all, with the introduction of modern technology, we now have affordable diamonds.

These include lab-grown diamonds in various forms. These diamonds are ideal for those not wanting to spend too much on wedding day jewelry. The choice of lab-grown and mined diamonds is pretty wide these days.

So, you’ll find diamonds in every shape, size, and color to suit your preferences.