Ultimate Guide To Using Custom Printed Apparel Boxes

Ultimate Guide To Using Custom Printed Apparel Boxes

Apparel boxes are for packaging clothes. These boxes come in different options to match your different packaging needs. The design of apparel boxes is very important since it significantly impacts customer perception regarding the product. Understanding this is very important since packaging has a direct impact on the success of your marketing effort. Quality and eye-catching packaging grab shoppers’ attention to your product to increase sales.


Material apparel boxes

These boxes are made from different materials including cardboard, paperboard, or a blend of both. Paperboard is very good for keeping the contents safe from any kind of damage. The design of the boxes is very important for the ability to make or break your brand. Apparel boxes with a luxury look will easily grab the attention of customers.

Where to buy apparel boxes

The best source when looking for a supplier of apparel boxes is online. A simple google search will bring you millions of results. However, due diligence is necessary since all suppliers are made the same. The ideal supplier should have a portfolio of high-profile clients with testimonials. Additionally, find a supplier who offers extra services like custom printing and custom sizing. Working with a single company is cost-effective and time-saving than working with multiple companies for the same task.


Another consideration when to buy apparel boxes apart from customization is the minimum order quantity. Personalization allows adding content on the boxes that promote your brand than going with pre-printed options. Additionally, the boxes become cheaper when buying in bulk at a wholesale price, however, the minimum order quantity should not be prohibitive for small business owners.


Why use apparel boxes

Protecting contents

High-quality apparel boxes made from quality material are long-lasting. When you use these to package your products, you get peace of mind regarding safety. You will ship your products knowing that the package will reach its destination intact. Quality boxes resist impact from falls and can allow stacking during the delivery process.


There’s no worry that the product will reach its destination in bad shape. Apart from causing a very bad impression to your clients, it wastes time, effort, and resources. You’re likely to end up refunding or replacing the item. All this at double the cost of sending the single item. Using strong apparel boxes make a great impact on clients and leave a positive impression.

 Boosts brand perception

Custom printed apparel boxes give your brand a luxurious look. Even before the customer opens the box, they already like your packaging. This means that they are surely going to love whatever is inside. Liking your packaging upfront gives your customers a wonderful unboxing experience. Most times, they might even take a few pictures for sharing on their social media profiles.

Not for apparel alone

Despite the name, you can use apparel boxes to package various items. As long as the item fits in the box, it can go. The trick is to find a reputable wholesale supplier of apparel boxes at wholesale prices. Purchasing these boxes in bulk ensures that you have enough to last you through the busy days such as the Christmas gift-giving bonanza. Fortunately, you can get various boxes in different sizes, designs, and quantities. And, you can have the boxes custom printed to highlight your brand.


Options for apparel boxes

 Rigid boxes

These are firm but lightweight for packaging luxury products. Professional packaging is necessary to highlight and communicate good vibes about your brand and product. Rigid boxes have quality paper wrapped on the exterior for extra strength. You can get these boxes in various proportions and dimensions to give your clients the ultimate unboxing experience. Keep in mind that rigid boxes don’t fold. They come with extra support to handle heavy items.

Corrugated boxes

These boxes are from recycled paperboard and come with the strength to support various products during shipping. Corrugated boxes are popular for being eco-friendly. Dealing with a business that protects nature is likely to win you more customers to thank you for your effort. In fact, you can capitalize on this by using it in your marketing campaigns. Using sustainable or recycled material minimizes waste and makes corrugated boxes more affordable.


Folding boxes

The most popular type of apparel boxes, folding boxes are cost-effective and easy to assemble.

Folding boxes are easy to store and move since they come folded. However, they are not ideal for heavier items. You can use folding boxes for health products and cosmetics. The boxes come with durability and style to solve your packaging needs.

With the holiday season around the corner. Now is the time to plan how to package for your customers. Buying apparel boxes in bulk today will save you a lot when the season heats up.