How Can I Help Myself With Anxiety?

Are you suffering from anxiety? Are you looking for the best ways to help control it? Here are some useful tips from Clarity Clinic to help yourself if you have anxiety.

  1. Face Your Fear If Possible 

Are you always scared of situations that make you feel anxious? If you always avoid these situations, you will end up avoiding everything that you need or want to do. You will never get the chance to test the severity of the situation. As such, you are missing out the chance to work out on your fears and reduce your anxiety. You are likely going to notice that your anxiety will increase if you continue with this pattern. Therefore, try facing your fears if you want to overcome your anxiety.

  1. Know Yourself 

You need to learn more about your anxiety and fears. You can start by keeping a diary to note down when you are feeling anxious and what’s happening at that moment. Start by setting small and achievable goals to help you face your fears. Create a list of things that help you calm down when you are feeling anxious or frightened. It’s the best way to address any thoughts about your anxiety.

  1. Exercise 

You need to get out and exercise. Don’t forget to concentrate on your exercises to help take your mind away from your fear and anxiety.

  1. Relax

Learn various relaxation techniques to help with your physical and mental feelings of fear and fright. Start by dropping your shoulders and breathing deeply. You can also imagine yourself in a relaxing place. Try learning meditation, yoga or massage. Listen to inspiring podcasts to improve your well-being.

  1. Healthy Eating 

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Avoid too much sugar since when your blood sugar level reduces, you are likely going to feel more anxious. Avoid taking too much coffee and tea since caffeine also increases your anxiety levels.

  1. Avoid Alcohol or Drink Moderately 

You are likely going to take alcohol when you feel anxious. However, the after-effects will make you feel more anxious and afraid.

  1. Complementary Therapies 

Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or other complementary therapies can help you deal with anxiety.

  1. Faith/Spirituality 

Are you religious or spiritual, it’s the best way to make you feel connected to something bigger than yourself? It’s a good way to cope with stress every day. You can attend church or other religious institutions to connect with a valuable support network whenever you need help.