How Your Company Can Power Employee Growth

Effective training programs lead to higher engagement from employees, greater retention rates, and better productivity. The article explains how to align training with business goals by offering your employees innovative content that keeps their individual personal growth in mind.

How to Promote Employee Growth

In many companies, employee growth is something that spurs company growth. When employees are able to learn and advance within their position and improve as time goes on, they will be more productive and experience high levels of satisfaction with their work. The goal is to have this happen on a consistent basis in order to keep growing your team. Employee retention is one of the most important metrics when making decisions about your company and how it should be run. This is because people leave their companies; each year, 4% of employees quit. Corporations lose up to $4,000 for every employee who leaves their company. The unfortunate truth is that employees don’t want to quit their jobs unless they find greener pastures elsewhere or are constantly being forced.

What is Employee Development?

An employee development program is a way to invest in the future of your company. Employee growth can come in many forms, whether it be training, developing ideas, or improving skills. Investment in the employee base can help you to succeed in the present as well because there is always a need for workers today and into the future. Emma Merrill shares with us the best method for implementing employee development into your company’s culture. The driving force behind any type of development is to truly grow your people and the organizations they represent.

Why Training and Development is Important for Employee Success

If your company has reached their full potential, then it’s now time for training and development with HR transformation. If your company is reaching for the stars, then employee skills will be a big driver of growth. Training and Development plays an important role in the success of a business. It’s a critical component to employee satisfaction and retention. By providing employees with skills, knowledge, and leading practices, IT can help make employees better equipped to handle their job responsibilities as well as build stronger teams.

What Happens after Training

Employee engagement is a key for any company to achieve growth and wealth. Great training booms the ROI. Once you have trained your employees, the next step is to thank them. Hats and snacks help show workers that your company recognizes their hard work and sacrifices. And don’t forget to ask for their input as they make feedback easily accessible.

Building a Culture of Learning and Empowerment

Once a company creates an environment where employees feel empowered with the power to make decisions, it becomes much easier for employees to grow. Empowerment accrues the individuals’ desire to learn and encourages a culture of learning inside and outside of the office. Employee growth is at its highest when a company makes it easy for employees to invest in their own development through technology or training that has built-in paid time off.


This is the fastest, most successful way to get employees engaged and energized about the company. You will retain them faster, which means your transformation efforts won’t last as long. In addition, this is an actionable item you can quickly assign to all your employees with community pride.