How to Save One Page of a PDF as a PDF or Image in 6 Ways

how save one page of pdf

There is a pdf file containing 100 or more pages and you want to share that file with someone, then instead of sharing the complete file will save it as a one-page pdf or image. The six ways to accomplish this task are mentioned below;

Method 1: Utilize Cisdem PDF converter OCR to save one page PDF

Method 2: Save in Preview one page PDF

Method 3: Save with Internet Browsers one page PDF

Method 4: Use Adobe Reader to save one page PDF

Method 5: Utilize online ways to secure one page PDF

Method 6: Bluebeam can be used to save one page PDF

Method 1. Utilize Cisdem PDF converter OCR to save one page PDF

Cisdem PDF converter is a dominant way to take out the pages by applying pdf splitter, modify pdf to other formats, combine and generate pdf files This tool can be wielded to extract one-page pdf from multiple pdf file pages also used to split pdf file. It maintains both scanned and local PDFs and is capable of taking out pdf pages through pdf separator which are non-editable and search-able and make them changeable and search-able.

Method 2. Save in Preview one page PDF

Preview is a native application used to view images and pdf in macOS. It is convenient and user-friendly, which grants you to view images and pdf files to save one-page pdf or image as a new pdf document. You can locate the file, you want to extract one page in Finder. Now you need to select the Open with option and then preview, it will be opened in Preview. In the dropdown menu of pages choose the option single, then enter the specific page number you wish to save from the pdf. Click the down menu in pdf and select Save as PDF. Finally, press Print, select a location for a new one-page pdf to be saved and start saving the one-page pdf or any image in the same way.

Method 3. Save with Internet Browsers one page PDF

Using internet browsers to save a new pdf or one-page pdf is one of the hidden features of online browsers. You can use Google Chrome for this purpose, you need to select the file then open file and choose the Print option, enter the number of pages for pdf split and save. Select the file where you wish to save the file. Chrome will now start splitting the pdf file.

Method 4. Use Adobe Reader to save a one-page pdf or image

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free of cost application also used as a pdf splitter, to view images, pdf, split images, and pdfs and can also be utilized to save one page of a pdf document. To save one page of a pdf move to the File option of the toolbar and select print, then select the Adobe PDF from the dropdown printer list. Select pages in the pages to print list and type the page number that needs to be extracted. Now press print and select a folder to save the new file.

Utilize the Online Ways to Secure PDF

Free online tools are there that permit you to save one page of a pdf, they are beneficial regardless of the system on which you are working. Go to the online pdf splitter and select pdf file, split pdf by selecting the options split by ranges, and press SPLIT PDF once it is done download the file.

Method 6. Bluebeam to Save PDF

Bluebeam authorizes you to generate and extract pdf pages. You need to click on Open in the menu to import a pdf document. Select Pages and extract them, then in the section of Page Range select the specific page you want to extract and save it as a new pdf file.