How to Sell Diamond Jewelry

The is a visitor published through Barbara Diggs, a Paris-primarily based freelance author focusing on non-public finance.

When Christine Clifford’s marriage ended years ago, she determined herself entirely chargeable for the bills and preservation of her million-greenback home. For months she scrambled to hold up with the payments, however subsequently made the tough selection to promote her earrings – such as one-carat diamond rings, and 2 diamonds earrings– to stave off foreclosure. Clifford, CEO of Divorcing Divas, LLC, explains, “I now don’t have any ‘nice’ earrings, but I do have the peace of mind knowing that my house is still afloat.”

Christine isn’t the handiest cash-strapped American putting aside “a diamond is forever” sentiment to promote their earrings those days.  Josh Opperman, founding father of the website “I Do… Now I Don’t” which specializes withinside the sale of “preloved” diamond earrings, reviews that 2011 became the site’s nice yr. for diamond ring-list and income.

While the timing can be proper, promoting your diamond may be a primary headache. Unlike gold, which has a quantifiable soften cost, resale expenses for diamonds haven’t anyone goal measure, making it smooth for green dealers to come to be burdened and overwhelmed.

To assist resolve the mysteries of diamond promoting, right here are 4 hints to do not forget earlier than hocking your stone.

1. Know what you’ve got

Just due to the fact Granny stated her vintage diamond ring became treasured doesn’t make it so.  It doesn’t even make it a diamond. So, earlier than you rush to the marketplace, get the correct photo of its best and authenticity. A certified appraiser – ideally one which doesn’t purchase or promote Sell diamonds – can come up with an impartial opinion of the stone’s traits and condition, and spotlight wonderful and poor attributes that might affect its cost.

However, Neil Beaty, proprietor of American Gem Registry, an appraisal provider in Denver, says paying for a professional evaluation isn’t always necessary. If you’re brief on budget and the diamond is possibly really well worth much less than $2,000, have the stone evaluated free of charge through an expert diamond customer or maybe a pawnbroker. Visit or 3 stores to get more than a few opinions; withinside the end, you’ll have a stable concept of the specs and country of your stone.

2. Set a sensible charge

Having unrealistic charge expectancies in your diamond is the quickest manner to unhappiness with any final sale.  Beaty recommends procedures to figure out a sensible charge.  First, if having an appraisal, ask how a great deal the stone is probably really well worth in particular markets and circumstances. The discussion of pricing techniques accounts for 80% of an appraisal’s gain for resale clients.” he says.  A suitable appraiser follows cutting-edge marketplace tendencies and will let you recognize the capability resale cost of your diamond.

Alternatively, do the legwork yourself. Look at the expenses of finished eBay income for diamond earrings with comparable traits; test out similar new diamonds in retail shops and online, and think of a reduction in your pre-worn jewel. Above all, do not forget that during maximum cases, “the handiest motive all and sundry will purchase your diamond is due to the fact they’re both going to make a make the most of it or due to the fact it’s a terrific bargain,” says Beaty. “Otherwise, they’d purchase it new.”

3. Investigate your promoting options

Resellers of diamond earrings have options: promote to the jewelry enterprise or the general public.  Choosing a customer isn’t constantly approximately getting the pinnacle charge, says Beaty, however is usually a feature of the way speedy you may settle the deal, how a great deal you consider the customer or your belly for negotiation and marketing.

The number one gain of promoting to a person withinside the earrings enterprise is time. When you want to promote quickly and efficiently with little fuss over marketing, go after jewelers, diamond suppliers, or pawnbrokers. “The maximum vital factor is to pick a person you consider,” says Murray Rose, President of Rose Estate Jewelers in Chicago.  Always test their Better Business Bureau score or are seeking out American Gem Society participants, who’re devoted moral commercial enterprise practices.  The disadvantage to promoting to an enterprise insider is that you’re not likely to get pinnacle greenback. Since they want to make the most of your stone, they haven’t any motive to pay everywhere close to retail cost.

4. Be emotionally equipped to promote

Because diamonds are frequently symbols of ardor or love, they may be tougher to element with than every other piece of earrings. Nonetheless, “you need to go away feelings out of promoting,” says Rose.  Sentimental cost can also additionally increase the charge of the diamond to your eyes; however, a capable customer won’t be so moved.

More vital, promoting earlier than you’re equipped ought to deliver long-lasting regrets. Linda Bryant, a contract author in Nashville, grew panicked through piling payments and gradual commercial enterprise at some stage in the Great Recession, and swiftly offered her grandmother’s platinum and diamond cocktail ring for a song. Two years later, it’s nevertheless a painful topic.  The promotion cost so little that it became loopy.  My niece must have received it by will.

On the opposite hand, if you’re thinking about promoting diamond earrings whose sentimental cost has dwindled however, you’re nevertheless clinging to memories, Christine Clifford gives this piece of advice: “Recognize that whilst it became part of your lifestyles at one time, and maximum possibly represented a person or something vital to you, you want to transport on.  Diamonds are the handiest cloth things. Your peace of thoughts is greater vital.”