4 Important Benefits of Health Insurance in India

4 Important Benefits of Health Insurance in India

Health insurance is a type of arrangement where the insurance company grants to take a guarantee of compensation for medical expenses in case the insured person falls ill or meets with an accident, which leads to hospitalisation.

Nowadays, health insurance has become essential. It is crucial for you and your family to be protected by a reliable health insurance policy, mainly because of costly medical care, especially in the private section. Therefore, a health insurance policy can be the saviour in case of an emergency, especially if the breadwinner of the family is in bed. Not to mention, it would decrease your stress in case of medical emergencies. And to get these health insurance policies, all you have to do is search for the top insurance brokers in India, so that you can get cover to protect yourself and your family in the future.

As the health insurance policy covers costs of doctor visits, consultation fees, hospitalisation, costs of medical tests, expenses, etc. So, here are some health insurance benefits in detail:

 Cashless Treatment

Usually, insurance companies have tie-ups with particular hospitals, known as network hospitals that provide cashless treatment to the insured people in case of hospitalisation. These hospitals compensate for expenses related to treatment available by the insured. Meaning that you can get treatment at these hospitals without paying any bills for the medical expenses used, and the insurance company will pay you for the same later when you make a claim. Although, keep in mind that the insurance claim will be approved if it is made as per the terms and conditions specified under the policy.

 Portability Benefits

A health insurance policy also allows the insurance holder to transfer their existing health insurance to a new health insurance provider. It protects customers from being taken for granted by the insurance companies, therefore, giving them adjustability and offering them various options, if they are not satisfied with their existing health insurance policy.

 Financial Security Against Rising Medical Costs

Since, the increasing medical expenses in India, it has become necessary to get a certain health insurance policy on time. The policy not only provides you with wide coverage but also shields you from hospitalisation costs in case of emergency even during inflation.

 No Claim Bonus

Insurance companies provide a No Claim Bonus (NCB) as a reward to the insurance holders for not making any claim throughout the policy year. It is also known as a cumulative bonus. The No Claim Bonus is applicable to both individual health insurance plans and group health insurance policies. Nevertheless, remember that there is a limit of coverage that you can extend through the No Claim Bonus.


Reasons Why You Require a Health Insurance Plan


Healthcare emergencies are unpredictable and can arise at any time, causing a financial outbreak that can get tough to handle. Also, the increase in healthcare expenses and accessibility to good healthcare facilities, and hospitalisation costs can cause damage to the pockets of a middle-class person. Hence, getting yourself and your family insured under a health insurance policy can give you the required protection in times of absolute need. Besides having financial stability, a health insurance plan proves to be pretty useful in order to beat the inflation in medical treatment.


Mentioned below are some reasons why you should consider getting a health insurance policy:

 To Protect Yourself and Your Family

When searching for a health insurance plan, you can decide upon getting your whole family covered under the same health insurance policy instead of buying a separate insurance plan for each member of the family. You should definitely consider getting a health insurance plan for your ageing parents and dependent children, who are on the radar of contracting the illness so that they can get the treatment without you worrying about the expenses if anything happens to them.

To Safeguard Savings

When you are battling against a severe illness, it not just leaves you mentally stressed, but also makes you financially drained. Nevertheless, by getting a suitable health insurance policy, you can deal with your costs more practically without disrupting your savings. Apart from this, some insurance providers also provide cashless treatment, so you do not need to worry about the compensation either.


Therefore, now you can make use of your savings as planned, such as purchasing a home, education, and retirement plans for your children. Moreover, with a health insurance policy, you can easily avail tax benefits, which can further help you with your savings.

The benefits of health insurance purchases are immense. Therefore, if you want to save yourself from financial unsteadiness, especially when you are already exhausted mentally and physically, then it is time for you to buy a policy.

So, don’t wait anymore to choose an ideal policy for health insurance in India at an affordable price.