Light, slim and thin Light, thin, and slim KENWOOD’s Willkie Talkie TK-3000 is incredibly simple to use and use. However, this portable radio can be extremely durable and meets the renowned MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G specifications. Its well-balanced performance makes it a perfect fit for business, particularly for inventory control as well as service sector operations. perfect business sense, especially in the area of inventory control and other service industry operations.

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Lightweight and thin:

Lighter and thinner – Kenwood the TK-3000 Willkie Talkie is perfect for hanging on belts or even in pockets on coats. The slim design is comfortable within your hand, and it weighs only 203g, thanks to its Li-Ion battery.

16 channels with Scan function:

This small, portable device comes with a totality of 16 channels. Each channel can have a QT as well as a DQT tone button to block unwanted signals. It is also possible to add the 16th channel if it is available for scanning, to the function. This is a great convenience since the PF key can be available for a different purposes.

16 Channels with the Scan Function:

The PF key on the side can be programmed to provide greater operation, and the feature of an adjustable Hold can double the number of functions you can perform with your fingertips.

Function Key that can be programmed to work with Hold:

Kenwood TK3000 walkie-talkie is available for use from the moment you purchase it. This model comes equipped with the necessary accessories such as a charger, battery pack, and antenna. A convenient belt clip is also included. There is no need to purchase additional accessories for everyday use.

Reliable and robust:

The TK-3000 is designed to withstand hard falls, knicks, and all-weather conditions. It complies with or exceeds the strict IP54 standards for water and dust, as well as the MIL-STD-810 C, D E F & G environmental standards.


The TK-3000 is a UHF two-way radio manufactured by Kenwood. It is a popular radio because of its minimalist appearance The TK-3000 is a black-box appearance, making it simple to use for new radio users. On the top of the radio beside the antenna, there is the channel selector and volume knob. On the left side is a textured push-to-talk button that can be programmed as the only features that are active that’s why radios with this design are often referred to as “black box designs”.

At 113mm in height 54mm in width and 24.9mm deep (When KNB-63L is attached), This means that the TK-3000 is slim and able to fit in one’s operator’s hand comfortably. With a weight of 130g without and 203g with the KNB63L battery, the radio is very light and comes with accessories like belt straps and clips that allow users to effortlessly carry radios in motion.

While it is a small device, it is a fairly compact device. TK-3000 is constructed to an IP54 security rating. This means that the radio is protected by Ingres-like protection that is limited to dust while also protecting from splashes and water. The TK-3000 is built according to military standards, which means that Kenwood has tested it with different tests to ensure that it can continue working in a variety of conditions including salt fog, humidity, shock, vibration, and temperature shock.

The TK-3000 comes with 16 channels to be programmed, which makes it more than adequate should the radio be utilized in a small or medium-sized business. If you wish to or need it to, the 16th channel could be programmed as a scan channel. This allows the user to scan through all programs to see if there are current transmissions.