Make Money Making Preserves

Make Money Making Preserves

You don’t have to be a nutritionist to understand we’re being served ‘crap’ almost everywhere we buy our food. The supermarkets are stocked with low-quality ingredients, with produce that’s as healthy as poison and precooked meals that showcase the entire Periodic Table.

Many of us are getting more interested in cooking at home (the advantages are clear), preparing our meals from scratch and getting back to some more traditional and clearly healthier foods and meal options.

The constant quest for organic/natural has driven many people towards small local food producers who provide a healthy alternative to the ‘poisoned’ foods we can purchase from the stores. This is where you can come in and we’ll teach you how to earn money making preserves.

Who can earn money making preserves?

ANYONE with a kitchen, an oven and some passion for cooking (you don’t have to be a master chef, but you do need to follow some basic recipes). If you have access to fresh and organic produce and got some ideas for jams or pickles, then this small home-based business idea is for you. Empowerment in business is the right approach for that.

How to start

1. Think about some preserves you can make.

Ideally, you should already be making them for your family, so it’s not a difficult task to come up with few recipes: strawberry jam, plum jam or pickled cucumbers. There are MANY possible options and combinations, so the sky is the limit. OK, the limit comes from what you can secure locally.

2. Get a very good organic produce provider

Again, the ideal situation is that your provider is local, so that you have access to fresh ingredients and great prices. I’m mentioning the word ‘organic’, since for me at least, the only reason to switch from the store preserves to something done ‘at home’ is the idea that I’m purchasing something healthy, organic and with no ‘chemicals’ in it. Otherwise, the store options would suffice. Cash Conversion Cycle formula will be supportive.

3. Make a few smaller batches to test the market

Now that you have the products, the jars and an idea, start .. cooking. Use these first batches to test the market, see what your friends/relatives are thinking about them, start selling locally to get your initial clients.

4. Make more preserves and start earning more

Once you have received the initial feedback and already got some experience in earning money making preserves, you are ready to develop your business more and see what else lies ahead. I’d create a nice online store to showcase the products and promote this, too.

How to earn money for making preserves?

In this case, it’s pretty straightforward – you sell your jars filled with delicious jams or pickles. Your clients will love your products and get back for more, while also recommending you to others. With some smart pricing, excellent quality and a knack for promotion, you can earn a good income from this. Statement of Cash flow indicates the progress of all working.

How to promote your preserves business

  • to get in touch with local groceries stores. Some might be interested in selling your products. Same goes for farmer’s markets or any such event.
  • create a web site and showcase your products. If you also add a checkout option, people will be able to purchase from there.
  • join social media outlets (Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin etc.)
  • print flyers
  • Get Business Virtual Assistant
  • promote in the local papers (if you have the funds, of course)
  • place a decal on your car (what you do, website URL and phone number)
  • let everybody know about your business
  • be active in same niche forums/blogs/networks with Freelance portfolio.

Final advice:

  • use only organic produce, no ‘chemicals’ recipes etc. People need a reason to choose your products from the ones on the shelf, so your target is to provide healthy and natural options.
  • base your production on what’s in season. No need to make strawberry preserves when their season is over. This will allow you to get better ingredients at very small prices.
  • Get involved all types of Directors for the final decision.
  • don’t skimp on quality. You can get really cheap produce if you’re willing to compromise, but your clients are looking for an excellent product.
  • If there are partners, then also consent of all types of Partners.
  • looks matter! Hire a graphic designer to create some cool labels and pay a printing shop for this. Sure, you can use your own printer and maybe ‘design’ with Comic Sans Serif, but your merchandise needs to look the part. This will allow you to sell more and set a higher price.
  • make sure the kitchen is CLEAN and you don’t make any mistakes. When dealing with food it’s difficult to keep everything clean and sterile. Make sure your jars are properly cleaned and the product is safe for your customers.
  • always be professional and nice. Share your story with the customers, answer their questions, show you care. By being a good seller and act nicely you can increase your sales and get more customers.

In my country, there are some successful businesses that were started this way. Some have big contracts with some very big restaurants and very rich clients. Have you given this small business idea a thought? Do you think you can earn money for making preserves? Have you?