Netherlands-based Ellipsis Drive raises €1.9M for its spatial information sharing stage

Ellipsis Drive is an internet-based device that permits any expert to enact, make due, and share spatial substance by means of the web in less than 10 minutes.


We comprehend that spatial information is key for upgrading manageable and successful tasks. We realize that this requires trade and coordinated effort between makers, clients, and proprietors of spatial information across associations and disciplines. Ellipsis Drive is here to make this simple.


Netherlands-based Ellipsis Drive, a supplier of a fitting and-play answer for utilizing, sharing, and selling spatial information, has raised $2.3M (approx €1.9M) in its Seed round of subsidizing.


Spatial information, otherwise called geospatial information, is a term used to depict any information connected with or containing data about a particular area on the Earth’s surface.


Financial backers in this round:

This Seed round was driven by Promus Ventures, through its Luxembourg-based space speculation reserve, Orbital Ventures, and had interest from Techstars.


Promus Ventures has moved high-profile organizations in the geospatial area including RockeLab, Mapbox, Spire, and ICEYE, among others.


With this speculation, Pierre Festal, accomplice at Promus Ventures, and Dr. Jonathan Fentzke, Managing Director at Techstars, will join the leading body of


“This subsidizing will assist us with presenting Ellipsis Drive as the arrangement that makes the now excruciating trade of spatial substance simple and productive,” says Rosalie van der Maas, CEO at Ellipsis Drive.


What does Ellipsis Drive offer?

The startup was established in 2018 by Daniel van der Maas, Minghai Jiang, and Rosalie van der Maas. Ellipsis Drive is a web-based device that permits any expert to enact, make due, and share spatial substance by means of the web in less than 10 minutes.


The stage permits partners to share content and make project alters involving the apparatuses as well as any program. This makes it simple to associate your substance to anybody from specialized experts to easygoing clients in record time, guarantees the organization.


“It resembles Google Drive however for spatial information and is significantly more interoperable. We can be the unaccounted-for part of the framework in the progress towards an additional cooperative spatial information scene,” says Minghai Jiang, prime supporter, and CIO.


As per Ellipsis Drive, it is anxious to get rid of old-fashioned permit-based plans of action that have been restricting experts’ capacity to share, team up and market their work.


“The tribalism we see occurring as organizations look to safeguard their business sectors by making it undeniably challenging to team up across devices, proficient storehouses, and informational indexes is holding every one of us back,” says Daniel van der Maas, fellow benefactor and CTO of Ellipsis Drive.

“Our plan of action, a straightforward stockpiling-based charge for the space you really want to enact your tasks, doesn’t give us any unfriendly motivations. We essentially look to be the most worth-added spot to have your information by ensuring your substance can be found and can be associated with any crowd, without impediments. Our inclinations and those of our clients are impeccably adjusted. That is the way we continue to make esteem long haul,” he adds.