Top online paraphrasing tools to use for your website content

Use These 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Create Plagiarism-Free Content for Your Website

The main aim of every webmaster is to increase the worth of the site and take it on the top of SERPs. For it, they spend a lot of time on writing unique and informative content.

Sometimes, it happens that the writers may not have much idea about new lines that they want to add in the content. So, they go for using the thoughts of other authors in the content.

But one thing that must be remembered is that the lines in the article must be free of plagiarism. Otherwise, it may damage the worth of the entire website.

To avoid this factor, writers can get help from online rephrasing tools where they can recreate the already written articles in seconds and get their new versions without losing the actual intent.

There is a list of online tools you can get on the search engine that can be helpful in rewriting the articles but not all of them are trustworthy.

Here we will provide you with a list of top online paraphrasing tools that ensures to keep the content away from plagiarism while rephrasing the articles.

Top Online Tools for Rephrasing Content



This is one of the best online paraphraser that you can get on the search engine. People love this tool mostly because of its unique paraphrasing style.

Like other tools, it doesn’t just change the synonyms of the words to make them different from the original one.

Instead, this rephrase spins the entire article and renews its structure without disturbing the actual meanings.

Let’s have a look at the top feature that users can get from this online tool.

  • Users from all over the world can use this tool as it supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Indonesian, etc.
  • The tool spins the entire article and changes the whole structure to present it in a different way. This element helps in eliminating the duplication factor from the content.
  • The amazing feature of this online tool is that it can also help in improving the text quality and making it easily readable for the audience.
  • Content recreated by this paraphrasing tool is human-like written.
  • The tool preserves the actual meaning of the content and rewrites the new article with the same intent.


In the list of top paraphrasing tools, this is another amazing option that one can avail of to make the lines unique and easy to read.

This online tool replaces the words with their synonyms to make them unique for the readers.  Here we are going to talk about the top benefits that users can get from this online paraphrasing tool.

  • This tool offers three modes of paraphrasing that includes fluent, standard, and creative. Users can go for any of them and rewrite the content of their choice.
  • When a user uploads the content in this online tool, it replaces the words with synonyms.
  • The tool is very secure to use. It doesn’t share the information of the user with any third party.
  • The tool prevents the plagiarism factor in the content and gives it a unique look.
  • Like other top tools, this one also supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, and many others like these.


While talking about the best paraphrasing tools, you can never ignore this online tool because it allows the users to give a new look to the content.

So, webmasters who are looking to avoid plagiarism factor in the content can consider this online tool for rephrasing the articles.

  • The interface of this online paraphraser is very simple. So, users can easily understand its works and rephrase the content quickly.
  • This online paraphraser spins the whole content and makes it different from the actual one which gives it a new look.
  • The working speed of this paraphrasing tool is very fast. One doesn’t have to wait long for getting the new version of the article.
  • One best element about this paraphraser is that users can keep the data secure here. There is no security issue in this online tool.


The paraphrasing tool by the rewrite guru is another amazing addition to the list that users must consider for rewriting lengthy blogs and giving them a unique look.

This online tool provides assistance in making the lines different from the original one by replacing the words with their synonyms. Let’s have a look at the top features of this online tool.

  • The synonym library of this online tool is very fast. So, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism in the content.
  • If a user doesn’t like any replacement in the content, he can simply click on the highlighted text and again change it with any other synonym.
  • This online paraphraser supports numerous languages that include English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, etc.
  • Users can also avail of multiple modes in the paraphraser offered by the rewrite guru. That includes ultra-spin, smart-spin, manual paraphrasing, etc.
  • The working speed of this online tool is very fast. Users can get the new version of the article in a few seconds.


AI SEO offers an amazing paraphraser to the users that ensure to recreate of the content in a unique way. This tool rephrases the content according to the SEO policies to avoid disturbing the fluency of the text.

Users can change the text of the article in multiple modes that make it easy for them to get the content in multiple ways.

Here we are going to discuss the top advantages that users can avail of in this online tool to rewrite blogs and make them free of plagiarism.

  • Just like other top tools, this online paraphraser spins the whole article and changes the structure of lines. This helps in keeping the content away from plagiarism.
  • Users can import the URL of the content directly in this tool and rephrase it using this online tool.
  • This tool also shows the percentage of uniqueness in the content. Users can increase this factor by replacing the words manually.
  • If a user is willing to look at the similarity between the actual and rephrased content, he can turn on the similarity checker option.

Final Lines

The list of best online paraphrasing tools is discussed in this article. These tools can be beneficial in providing the new version of the article without any plagiarism in the new content.

The best element of these paraphrases is that they don’t disturb the actual intent of the blog and provide a new version of the article having the same meanings.

All these tools are quite valuable to use but if you are looking for the best among these top tools, can be a handy option because it spins the content instead of just changing the synonyms.