What is the Most Common Use of a Relief Valve

Pressure relief valves are designed to reduce and control the pressure in the pipeline system. You can fix the system pressure and temperature at a certain range during a reaction. The proportional solenoid valve is usually used as a relief valve at various spots of the reaction chambers. These relief valves are going to open and close with the pressure change, these valves are also one dimension.

The Direct-acting valves are controlled by the electrical pluses and they can be closed and opened at a certain pressure and temperature. On the other hand, the indirect-acting solenoid pinch valves are pressure differential and sensitive to pressure change. The solenoid operated pinch valve functionality makes it possible to release the pressure at a certain point. You can select from the Direct acting and Indirect acting pinch pneumatic valve. The indirect-acting relief valves ensure the pressure flow of the liquid in one direction.

Common Uses of the Relief Valves:

There are various applications of the pressure relief valves and described below:

1-Water Pressure in the Sanitary System:

The most common use of the relief valves is maintaining the water pressure in high-rise buildings. The proportional solenoid valve is fixed at various points to keep the pressure of the water in high-rise buildings, mines, or other conveyances to ensure the pressure. When these relief valves are fixed in the appropriate points, then proper working of a system has been ensured. For example, the water pressure is preserved at a certain point. The supply of water is normally distributed throughout the building. 

2-The Detection of the Leakage:

The detection of leakage at a certain point can be spotted by relief valves. When there are hundreds of pipes involved in a piping system, you need to spot the leakage at a certain point at once. The proportional solenoid valve is regularly monitoring the pressure and helps in improving the proper running of the liquid through the pipes. The pressure relief valves actually save around 30 % of the water and liquid loss throughout the piping system.

3-To Avoid an Accident:

The role of the relief valves is quite critical when flammable material or liquid is moving through th piping system. The relief valves like the proportional solenoid valve are going to detect the leakage at once. So you can fix the leakage of flammable materials like carnosine oil or petrol. If you are not going to detect the leakage at a certain point, then it can be a reason for unavoidable damage. If the leakage is happening regularly, then it can be the reason for the accident in the piping system.


The relief valves are critical in maintaining the proper working of the piping system. You can detect the leakage of the liquid at a certain point and can fix the leakage. The other thing is the pressure maintenance throughout the piping system by the installation of the relief valves. The high-rise building requires fixing the relief valves to propagate the water pressure preserved properly throughout the piping system. The sanitary system is not going to work without the installation of the relief valves.