Some methods to get followers on Instagram

Concentrate on high-quality content. Content marketing is vital on the web as well as on social media platforms such as Instagram. As a result, in your social publishing strategy, you must constantly prioritize high-quality, meaningful material. Low-resolution images, as well as photos that are fuzzy or grainy, should never be considered.


Use the powerful Stories feature in addition to uploading images and videos to your wall. The Stories are just multimedia files that are played entirely on the entire screen and are stored for 24 hours before being immediately erased from the system once published.

For example, if you work in the sports car industry and solely share photographs and videos of cars on your Facebook page, you may post Stories about sports car events and fairs.


Furthermore, because this is a natural event with a very precise time frame, removing these files is a wonderful method to maintain the timelessness of your board and avoid giving it the appearance of outdated things.

Post content on a regular basis.

This is a crucial aspect: you must publish frequently in order to boost your account’s visibility. Because the typical time of maximum interaction (about 90% of interactions) on Instagram is about 3 hours, the best way to acquire a steady stream of likes and comments on posts (as well as new free Instagram followers) is to publish a new post every 3 hours.


To avoid having to manage everything manually, you may use online tools to schedule the posting of your Instagram posts: if you’re interested, I recommend checking out Later.


Also, if your page is primarily intended at an Italian audience, keep in mind that the ideal time to post on Instagram is in the afternoon, according to statistics (to be precise, at 3pm). Mondays and the first two days of the weekend are the most popular days of the week.


However, it is prudent to conduct some tests, as what may be more beneficial in terms of account publication date for one sector may not be so for another. How can you find out which days and times your followers are most receptive? Iconosquare, for example, can help you evaluate this type of data and graphically display the top performing time slots for your profile.


If you have an international user base, on the other hand, every hour has the potential to be good: you will always find a percentage of your followers up and ready to interact with your message. However, my recommendation is to always stick to the data that Iconosquare provides.

Make good use of hashtags.

As you may know, hashtags are terms that are preceded by the # symbol and are used to categorize multimedia material on Instagram. They are unquestionably an important instrument for getting a large number of Instagram followers free and being followed by those who have similar interests to yours.


People who are interested in a specific topic will search hashtags for photographs that appeal to them and, if interested, will visit the account that holds these photos. Finally, if they find the tale intriguing, they will follow it without hesitation. If you want to get free Instagram likes, you should use hashtags well.


Because you can only use 30 hashtags per image or video, my recommendation is to use them all. Instead of using hashtags in captions, include a list of 30 keywords in the first comment on the post.

As the first hashtag, use your brand’s name or, in any case, the keyword that best describes your Instagram profile. Then, as many hashtag lists as there are forms of material to be released, keep in mind.

Consider making two different lists: one with hashtags linked to fitness and the other with hashtags connected to wholesome nutrition, for example, if you share gym training videos and images of nutritious foods. If you’re having trouble coming up with hashtags, go for larger pages that are comparable to yours and see which hashtags they use in their posts.

Embed Instagram Feed On Website


To grow more followers on Instagram, it is essential that more people get to know about your social media presence. Unfortunately, with such massive competition on the platform, sometime it becomes difficult for people to find your Instagram page.


So, when you embed Instagram feed on website, you provide a sneak into your Instagram presence to your website visitors. And if there is anyone who isn’t aware of your Instagram presence, get to know about it, and as they have the option to follow you there, it can help you gain followers.


Another added advantage is that people get to know about your authentic Instagram account. There could be cases where people follow a page that sounds similar to yours. So, with the feed on your website people get to know your real account and might follow you if they like your content,


The advantages do not stop here, Instagram feed on website helps you in gaining more followers, and at the same time, it helps improve the beauty and charm of your website with the help of Instagram content. Moreover, it brings liveliness to the website and allows you to stand out from the crowd.