The Future of Accountancy

The Future of Accountancy: Major upcoming Accounting Trends for 2021


Accounting is one of the vital tasks for businesses and technology has introduced significant changes to managing business accounting. Today there are tools to operate remotely and keep the business finances in check. The introduction of cloud computing technology has made financing simpler for businesses. Owners or business workers can manage invoices, receipts, enter data, and generate reports sitting at remote locations. You don’t need to be available 24/7 in the office to get the correct accounting data.

With the help of accounting technology, it is now possible to assist business owners with cash flow, financial deficiencies, & taxes. The CPAs & accountants need to understand the latest trends and adapt to them accordingly to be part of the financial revolution. What are changes being introduced in the accounting industry? The advancement in technology is lightning-fast and in recent years businesses have accelerated the adoption of new financing tools. This blog is highlighting the latest accounting trends in the business environment.


Table Of Contents

  1. The use of blockchain in accounting will be an increase
  2. Financial automation & artificial intelligence
  3. Cloud accounting is the trendiest financial solution
  4. Data analytics & integration
  5. Seamless accounting in digital transformation
  6. Increase of data security in accounting
  7. Outsourcing of accounting operations
  8. Final Thoughts!


In 2021, the accounting will see a serious upheaval from the transformation of accounting practices led by new technologies. The year will be remembered by CPAs or accounting professionals to improve the computing operations. For example – Accounting businesses are adapting to cloud-based accounting tools and moving with automation & AI. The accounting activities have been simplified with the help of modern-day tools. Make sure that businesses select the accounting tool that has all the functions needed for simple financing.


Here are top trends of the future for accounting –

Financial automation & artificial intelligence

Automation is one of the prime characteristics of financial tools that ensures automatic calculation of finances & generation of invoices. AI is shaping the age of automation and there are no signs of stopping anytime soon. This way, businesses are relieved of the time-consuming & hectic manual calculations. The mix of cloud accounting & AI is shaping the future of business accounting tools! The modern tools are offering the accounting flexibility to work in real-time and strive for routines like payroll, data entry, vendor management, and more.

The use of cloud-based applications with AI capabilities will ease the accountant’s workload by providing them the proven tools to manage accounting activities. It eliminates human error & also saves good time for business investment in other areas. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to evaluate large volumes of data & generate the right kind of analytics.

The use of blockchain in accounting will be enhanced

It is one of the biggest buzzwords in accounting businesses and CPAs have become excited with the introduction of new tech. Blockchain is the game changer when it comes to accountancy! Market growth of 59% has been witnessed between 2016 & 2024 and there has been worldwide spending of blockchain of around $4.1bn.

The technology is working as the digital ledger of transactions distributed across a different network of systems. It includes internal, private, or public networks used for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum & Bitcoin. The chain has blocks containing different transactions that can be viewed & verified. It allows the management of transactions to be as transparent as possible.



Cloud accounting is the trendiest financial solution

It is the form of technology that is reducing the upfront cost for traditional in-house tools. The CPAs & accounting professionals have access to accounting data remotely & thus create the real-time workflow with enhanced efficiency. The cloud accounting tool ensures easy sharing of documents, real-time data analytics to support business-decision, and comprehensive reporting are vital benefits that make a business select the right type of accounting tool.

Cloud accounting is setting free the businessman from upward IT infrastructure cost. It is a real opportunity for businesses to control the other kinds of costs associated with the business. There are no constraints to doing local business when it comes to moving towards cloud accounting. The upcoming years will be about cloud accounting details and the management of accounting operations smartly.


Data analytics & integration

Data analytics is another big topic that is impacting cloud accounting other than AI and ML. The demand for data specialists in businesses is high and they look for experts with relevant experience in the field. The data analytical features inscribed in the accounting apps are important for identification operational efficiencies & thus helps in handling risks better. Businesses have already started investing in data analytics operations and thus assist themselves with data-backed decisions.

The integration of the data analytics app with other business tools is an important thing added to the bookkeeping process. With the help of mobile accounting, it is possible to access the books and ensure seamless integration with other apps to eliminate workflow troubles.


Seamless accounting in digital transformation

Organizations are transforming the methods of doing business as digital technology is moving at a fast pace. Accounting is at the heart of managing business operations smartly and the digital world is providing relevant tools to do simple accounting. The platform has put processes in place to account for new revenues with help of a subscription channel or new digital offerings. One of the top challenges for businesses is to leverage digital technology to transform businesses & adapt to the changing situation.


Increase of data security in accounting

Data security is one of the top aspects for businesses and already the advancement of technology is leading to an increase of security patches. Data breaches are prevented better today with help of superior accounting. The criminals always look to break into the business systems to hack into vital data. It includes identity theft, spoofing, or stealing of credit card details or personal data. The enhanced form of data security in the technology is assisting accountants to protect the data in a better way.

Accounting is taking shapes & forms to ease the convenience of business and thus opting for suitable data protection is the best option. Employees are trained to recognize the potential harmful emails & spot attacks. Thus the accounting team shares vital details for the total security of the organization.


Outsourcing of accounting operations

Businesses were already outsourcing their accounting tasks for accurate financing and with cost-effective options as they are more reliant on outsourcing than ever. It is the approach saving businesses the cost of employment and all the financial activities can be adjusted in one place. The accounting tasks outsourced include running of payroll operations, employee benefits, cost of training, and more. Select the right kind of outsourcing experts who can do the job in a quick time.

It is important to comprehend the things anticipated of accounting tasks and make sure that businesses build a relationship of trust with outsourcing specialists. As the business grows, the demand for operational management also increases, thus paving the way for safe accounting operations. The demand for financial outsourcing is increasing and it is vital to incorporate remote collaboration platforms to facilitate the outsourcing of business models.



Final Thoughts!

As businesses are becoming more technology-centric, they desire appropriate solutions in the accounting industry, with a more intense approach in the future. As technologies advance or grow, businesses need to adapt to them for the best results. It is vital to execute the accounting software analysis and select the right kind of tool as per the business needs. The accounting trend suggests that businesses will be able to manage the financing operations upright with the help of accounting upgrades & updates. Go for the right kind of accounting tool having all the necessary features needed to make accounting as safe as possible.