The benefits of trading in share CFDs

Constant research and knowledge through experience while seeking out the best advice are just some of the requirements of those looking to trade in the financial markets. Checking out the best options available whether trading solo, as an employee or as a financial consultant for customers, is imperative to delivering the best returns. It is a highly skilled business with many challenges and risks requiring top-level expertise.

While some opt for trading in foreign currency, the commodities market, or in indices, there is a specific way of doing so. In this article, we look at what is involved in trading in share CFDs and its benefits.

“Contract for Difference allows for the speculation on the underlying price such as shares as well as the others mentioned earlier on a trading platform. Choosing a platform that offers an extensive portfolio, featuring over 800 top-tier companies from around the world could be seen as a smart move. Basically, a trader doesn’t own the actual asset, but they get the exposure from its price movements. There is the opportunity to go long if the prediction is that the asset will rise in value, or to go short and sell if the opposite is likely in the eyes of the trader. It is the buying and selling of contracts for the difference in value, which can mean losses as well as gains if the speculation is inaccurate.

CFDs are popular as the contracts or shares can be traded in through leverage which means that to open a position only a small percentage of the trading price of the shares needs to be laid out, which is referred to as a margin. Because the profits and losses are calculated by the size of the trade, it can amplify losses as well as gains so careful monitoring and skilful speculation are required.

When going long or short the profit that is made is based on the overall position rather than the initial margin which was initially paid to open the margin. Trading within one’s means is essential as there are high risks as well as high rewards, which is why it pays to seek advice from those hosting a platform if unsure. The large range of markets that are available make this form of trading attractive with some doing business longer hours than the norm adding to its appeal.

CFD shares are simple to trade in as they mirror closely the underlying market, thus meaning it’s the same procedures as when actually purchasing an asset. Those in the UK may favour this type of trading as there is generally no stamp duty to pay on any profits. Capital gains tax can be offset against losses. Hedging offers further protection against losses, as new positions can be strategically opened so that existing positions are protected against volatile market movements.

Trading in CFDs is a great way to maximise profit against a small outlay while offering forms of protection and the bonus of not having to purchase any actual assets.