LSA GLassware – Must Know Information

LSA GLassware

When the raw materials are melted small air bubbles may become trapped – these are part and parcel of the handmade process. Is there any lead in LSA Internationals Glassware? No – LSA International glass is Soda Glass that does not contain Lead. How should LSA International glass be washed? hand wash in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth, do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

Whats Causes Bubbles In Glass?

Is LSA international glass heatproof?

No – to be heatproof the chemical borax must be added to the mix of raw materials; brands such as Pyrex have borax added and therefore are heatproof.

How should LSA Glassware porcelain be washed?

Plain white porcelain and in-glaze decors can be washed in automatic dishwashers; other decorated porcelain should be hand washed.

Can LSA Porcelain be used in ovens and microwaves?

Plain white porcelain can be warmed in regular ovens and can be used in microwave ovens; any porcelain with metallic decorative finishes should not be used in microwave ovens. It has a good business in the world.

Popular Ranges of LSA

A Collection of mouth-blown glassware in classic designs that will meet all your needs for serving and enjoying drinks. The wine glasses feature elegant long stems while the mixer and shot glasses have heavy bases and are a pleasure to hold. All are packaged in their own gift boxes making them ideal for gift giving.

LSA Boris
Boris is a timeless collection with a simple design that is a pleasure to use. The heavy base and fine rim is only possible because of hand production technique’s that are used by LSA. All packaged in their own bespoke gift boxes they make ideal gifts.

LSA Emil
The Emil Collection stands out with its contemporary shape and fine-drawn stems. With two sizes of wine glasses and two styles of champagne flutes the glasses are Gift Boxed in pairs and are an ideal gift for a special occasion.

Mia is a collection of 100% Recycled Glass that is made for everyday use and offers glasses, serveware, and vases. Gift Boxed in recyclable packaging it makes an ideal gift.

LSA Glassware History
LSA International was born in 1941, during that time LSA has developed on to become a leading brand in its sector. LSA originated and is based in the British Isles, but with a reach as far as Tokyo, Moscow and New York, LSA now defines what is desirable in style today.

LSA’s focus has always been on the imaginative and contemporary side with Creative Director, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, designing products for eating, drinking and interiors. Whilst LSA is known for glassware whats hand made, its porcelain tableware is also flourishing. LSA are producing designs that are original yet practical, creative use of colour and texture and an enduring sense of value. The glassware made by skilled artisans employing age-old glassblowing techniques, offering a design that enhance celebratory occasions and everyday life.

We hope you enjoy reading our FAQ’S for LSA Glassware, the above is all you need to protect, understand and get the most out of your glassware.